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About Rishtey.PK

Rishtey.pk is a Matrimonial Portal, where its Members and Marriage Bureaus from any part of the world can post Unlimited Proposals. Rishtey.pk offers secure and easy-to-use platform for its members to find and post proposals. Our online directory provides you with the more options and up-to-date proposal listings available.

A free member can submit and review proposal listings, edit proposal details, view detailed statistics, free customer support and much more. We don't charge anyone any sort of commission neither we sell our users information to third parties. We generate our revenue from advertising.

People desire ideal couple for their loved ones; we are trying to make this happen at Rishtey.pk. Your proposal is viewed by thousands of people online all day long and it effectively reaches out to all of those people seeking proposals with similar interests.

Our dedicated team of professionals delivers an unmatched service and provides 24/7 Instant notification alert, experienced never before in this industry.

Why Rishtey.PK?

  • At Rishtey.PK there are more business partners, more proposals, more visits than at any single matrimonial portal.
  • There are thousands of visitors daily which increase the likelihood for posted proposal getting noticed, clicked and then contacted.
  • Contact your desired proposal directly via phone/email.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE has always been and will always be the critical competitive advantage of Rishtey.PK