30 Male Gujar Khan ID: P12197

Posted At: 14/05/2019 04:05 PM

My name is usman ali
From Gujjar Khan .....I have a normal family ...And my house is near Gujra Khan in the village
I am a government servant ۔....In the special force

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Basic Details

Relationship Status Single / Never Married
Nationality Pakistan
City Gujar Khan
Country Pakistan


Religion Muslim
Sect Sunni
Beard No

Social & Linguistics

Caste Rajput
Sub Caste Janjua
Mother Tongue Punjabi
Other Languages Urdu panjabi English

Physical Appearance

Color White
Body Type Slim
Height 5' 11 ''

Family Background

Father Occupation Own work
Mother Occupation House wife
Father belong to Gujar khan
Parent Status Both Alive
Siblings 3 Brothers, 0 Sisters
Candidate's No. in Siblings 1
Occupations of Brothers & Sisters (or their husbands in case of married)
Not set
Family Dependency on Candidate Only to look after spouse and children

Education & Profession

Education Intermediate
Degree Civil eng
Profession Armed Forces / Civil Service / Military
Job Title Secure not set
Experience 7

Looking For

A little about looking for ?
مجھے ایک نیک مذہبی مسلمان لڑکی چاہیے جو مسلمان ہوں سنی ہوں خوبصورت ہوں اور اچھے خاندان سے تعلق رکھتی ہو زندگی کے ہر موڑ پہ میرے ساتھ کھڑی رہے لڑائی جھگڑا کرنے والے لوگوں سے میں معذرت کرتا ہوں اور وہ لوگ مجھ سے رابطہ نہ کریں
Age Between 20 - 35
Castes Gujjar, Kashmiri, Qureshi, Khan, Mirza, Kayani, Tanoli
Professions Business / Self-Employed / Entrepreneur, Science / Technical, Sales / Marketing, Political / Government, Homemaker, Financial / Accounting, Education / Teacher / Professor, Banking
Countries Pakistan